In this privacy policy, we want to help you understand how the TextData. ("we" or "us") collects, uses, and shares information about you when you use our website and browser extension (collectively, the “Services”).

What Information Do We Collect?

Information You Provide to Us

We collect information that you provide to us while using our services.

  • Account information.

    This includes your email, username, hashed password, and any account settings or information provided when you create or update an account.
  • Content that you submit.

    This includes submissions (URL, title, description), communities (name, description, membership status), feedback and relevance judgments, queries, and recommendation requests.
  • Actions that you take.

    This includes opening the extension on a specific webpage (webpage URL, webpage title, webpage description, and meta-tags), clicking search or recommendation results, and viewing a submission.

Information Collected Automatically

  • Server logs and IP address.

    For security purposes, we record the IP address of each request set to our server.

How Do We Use Information?

  • Provide, maintain, debug, and improve the services.

    This includes keeping you logged in into the extension and website, measuring the performance of our search and recommendation models, and gathering insights to improve your user experience.
  • Personalize search and recommendation results.

    Our backend algorithms use the data that you save to TextData to provide you with relevant information tailored to your interests.

How Do We Share Information?

  • With researchers (de-identified).

    The long-term goal of TextData is to research the information needs of individuals in specific contexts so that we can better resolve these needs. Thus, a significant component of TextData is researching the usage patterns of users. If we perform research (beyond the use of improving the platform), then we will de-identify the data before analysis.
  • No information is shared with third parties or advertisers.

How We Protect Information

  • All requests are sent over HTTPS.

    Any time you send data to the TextData or receive data from the TextData, it is secured using HTTPS.
  • The production databases are under access control.

    We restrict internal access to production data to minimize the likelihood of your data being accidentally accessed or released from our databases.
TextData is a social platform for collaboratively creating, sharing, and learning from wiki-style communities. We offer a stand-alone website and a Chrome extension, all for free.



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