TextData provides a website and Chrome browser extension that help you discover the right information at the right place.

The browser extension predicts the questions that you'll have on any webpage. You can guide this prediction process by highlighting text and by typing a single word, phrase, or full question.

The browser extension also shows you questions that other TextData users have asked while viewing the webpage.

Answers are provided from both the general web and user-created submissions to TextData communities, which you can manage via the TextData website. To get started, click one of the buttons below.

Our Mission

To remove the knowledge barriers of online information discovery.


Effortlessly Search from Anywhere

Use our Chrome Extension to ask and answer questions while viewing any webpage.

Get Predicted Questions

Highlight some text and open the extension to the Find Tab to see a predicted question along with search results.

Type Any Question

Type a single word or phrase in the search bar and TextData will update the question based on what you type. Add a '?' at the end of your query to ask the typed query without any prediction.

People Also Asked...

See what other community members and TextData users have asked in your given context.


Form Communities

A Community lets TextData users create, describe, and save online content to enrich search results.

Create Communities

Make one for a class, an enterprise team, a research group, or for private personal notes.

Join Communities

Joining a community lets you view everything in the community and make submissions to that community.

Share and Follow Communities

Making a community public lets others follow it, search the content, and provide feedback.


Create and Save Information

Create markdown-style notes and save them to any of your communities.

Optionally Add a Source URL

Adding a Source URL will link your notes to an external webpage. Use this to reference something online (e.g., a lecture video).

Add a Title and Description

The title should briefly describe the note's purpose, and the description can be whatever you like. In the description, you can also link other submissions to create wiki-style connections among submissions in a community.

Submit from Anywhere

You can create submission from the TextData website and from the Chrome browser extension.


Interact with and Visualize Submissions

Use the TextData website to read, reply, visualize, share submissions.

Edit, Delete, Share

You can edit a submission, add or remove it from a community, delete it entirely, or provide feedback.

Make Connections

Explicitly mentioning a submission URL in another submission will create a directed edge between the two submissions.

Visualize Submissions, Questions, and Answers

For any community or search, see all submissions' connections, asked questions, and answers (if any).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the "Feedback" link in the footer or email Kevin Ros at [email protected]

For some pages, your highlighted text will not be captured by the extension (e.g., on PDFs). For searching, you'll need to type a full question. And for saving, you'll need to manually copy and paste the text to the description field.

You can add a fragment in the URL. For example, if you would like to submit page 9 of this PDF, you can add “#page=9” to the end of the URL in the address bar. That results in this link. Once you do this, you can open the extension, and it will pull the URL with the fragment for a submission.

If you want to make a submission at a specific time, you can change the webpage URL to include the video time (right click video → copy URL at current time → paste into address bar). Once you do this, you can open the extension, and it will pull the URL with the fragment for a submission.

You can highlight the transcript and open the extension, and it should register the highlighted text.

Ready to try out our extension?

TextData is an online platform designed to remove the knowledge barriers of online information discovery by leveraging the collaboration of communities.



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